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New trends in research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology in the wine industry

the aluminum multi-color anti-counterfeiting cap is developed from high-quality anti-magnetic cap special aluminum and the latest surface decorative coating. We can always put ourselves in the customer's shoes. The aluminum multi-color anti-counterfeiting cap has rich colors, complete specifications and firm coating. The surface of the cap can be printed with fluorescent and temperature change anti-counterfeiting ink to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance

aluminum oxide anti-counterfeiting bottle cap this series of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps have beautiful color, exquisite appearance, exquisite technology and novelty. It is an ideal choice for wine anti-counterfeiting bottle caps at present. Related to it are plastic, aluminum plastic, aluminum anti-counterfeiting series bottle caps, etc

triple anti-counterfeiting method Beijing Erguotou Wine Group has taken three easy to identify and recognize anti-counterfeiting measures on its new light Luzhou flavor wine products, namely, anti-counterfeiting lines are set on the outer packaging box, anti-counterfeiting lines are marked on the seal, and anti-counterfeiting lines are set on the opening cover, so as to achieve the best anti-counterfeiting effect

new aluminum-plastic alloy composite anti-counterfeiting bottle cover in order to meet the needs of anti-counterfeiting and high-grade packaging in the wine industry, China has independently developed a new aluminum-plastic alloy composite anti-counterfeiting bottle cover. In addition to its anti-counterfeiting performance, it also has the characteristics of elegant appearance, convenient opening and no wine leakage

striking anti-counterfeiting bottle this striking anti-counterfeiting bottle has a novel structure and is disposable. After opening the domestic in mold label packaging market that has been covered by solid ice for many years in the past two years, the bottle body and bottle cap are both damaged. Its anti-counterfeiting can be used for tensile test, pressure test and bending test. The opening method is simple and easy to operate without risk. As long as the upper part of the bottle cap is hit hard, the broken neck convex edge is broken (at this time, the bottle cap and bottle body are damaged together), but the shape is complete and can not be recycled. Press the alignment line of the retainer on the back cover of the wine filling bottle down gently, and the cover will be stuck. The manufacturing method of the bottle is the same as that of the general glass bottle, and the cost is lower than that of the general patent anti-counterfeiting bottle. At present, this technology has been granted a utility model patent by the State Intellectual Property Office

ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting recently, Guizhou Maotai Liquor Group Co., Ltd. will launch a new generation of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology with high-tech anti-counterfeiting function successfully developed by Shanghai Fudan University on the basis of using Canadian ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting technology. It is reported that this anti-counterfeiting technology has won a number of national invention patents and national appraisal new achievement awards, and its technical performance has reached the international advanced water and new energy level

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