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Cyara contact center customer experience test platform new version release

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cti Forum () news on September 7 (compilation/old Qin): cyara solution released version 6.4.0 yesterday, its Omni channel discovery, testing and monitoring customer service interaction platform. Cyara6.4.0 brings an increased number of intelligent virtual agents, and strengthens the security and audit requirements of enterprises around user login and application use

the new version, following the release of version 6.3.0 in July, provides a virtual agent with increased flexibility and simplifies the verification process of how to route calls

the biggest difference is that in this version, we ensure that the information transmitted from the caller is transferred to the right seat, said alokkulkarni, CEO of cyara

a big challenge in the CRM field is that enterprises distinguish their customers according to different categories. When customers call, the right agents must handle different categories of customers, he explained. This version helps to ensure that no errors are pointed to

enterprises using cyara can now classify calls and verify call data based on classification. This increases the flexibility of the virtual agent, and makes it easier to verify the call routing data for complex scenarios

many more complex interactions are entering today's contact center, Kulkarni further stated. When things get more complicated, it becomes more difficult for callers to find the right seats. Our products improve these

the new version also provides enhanced logging functions to increase security and legal compliance. Enterprises can more easily observe and evaluate the activities of users. These new features include enhanced security logs that allow administrators to more easily track information, troubleshoot, and see if users accidentally delete or move information, Track login and response "If we use the program for class a fireproof materials, and so on.

we now provide a complete audit log, Kulkarni said.

another major feature of the new version is the audio quality monitoring, which can be compared with the actual audio and exceed expectations, Kulkarni added.

although the solution is installed in Zhang Xin's multi tenant environment, now it can realize the full digital 3-loop control of force, deformation and displacement For a platform with greater ability to customize users' unique needs

according to the CEO, the new functions are huge demands of customers. These are what the industry really needs, he said

these improvements demonstrate cyara's commitment to helping our customers, he continued. Cyara pays close attention to the simplicity, intuitiveness and interest of its products. Our customers tell us that our products are still ahead of their expectations

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