New trends in the hottest robot industry

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There is a new trend in the robot industry

first-line funds have entered the robot industry, making this field continue to be hot. For Chinese robot entrepreneurs, they are following the policy timing and market location to innovate and open up a future with huge imagination space by means of rent and sale mode. In 2020, the robot track is still hot

different from previous years, first-line dollar funds and large technology giant CVC (venture capital/strategic investors) have set their sights on this field. For example, VC Hillhouse venture capital, established by Hillhouse this year, has invested in cleaning robot Yunjing intelligence, intelligent robot company Siling robot and wearable robot developer yrobot in the robot field

among them, Sequoia Capital is also involved in the same round of financing of Yunjing intelligent and Siling robot; In addition, Sequoia also invested in makamand, syrius Juxing, a warehousing and logistics robot company, and Purdue technology, a food delivery robot company. Sequoia China seed fund invested in Yushu technology, a quadruped robot company

the source code capital also does not want to lag behind. The robot track layout intensively disclosed this year includes mecamand, xingyingzhe, a robot hand eye coordination technology company, Hairou innovation, a box storage robot company, Qinglang technology, a distribution robot company, and Keji technology, an entertainment and education robot company

behind the capital concern is the quiet evolution of the robot industry. What is worth paying attention to and discussing

mobile and intelligent robots have attracted more attention

in the past, robots were mainly used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Now, robots are moving from automobile manufacturing to other manufacturing fields, and began to blossom in logistics fields other than manufacturing, such as warehousing and terminal distribution, commercial service fields such as meal delivery, cleaning, coffee making and meal preparation, and household fields such as floor sweeping robots

in terms of specific products and company types, two types of enterprises are gaining more attention:

first, mobile robot mobile technology has certain universality and is used in manufacturing, logistics, commercial and household fields; At present, these scenes are scattered, giving birth to AMR (autonomous mobile robot), unmanned forklift, AGV (automatic guided transport vehicle), unmanned logistics car, sweeping robot and other categories. However, in the future, it may be vertical and horizontal, with imagination

second, companies with new technologies and dedicated to intelligent robots use AI, vision and other technologies to add sensory eyes, dexterous hands, touch and brain to robots from multiple angles, trying to create smarter, more flexible robots that can adapt to a variety of new tasks

caoyi, the founding partner of source capital, who has a layout in both these two types of enterprises, believes that it is a certain thing for robots to replace people in various industries, and this process will be accelerated. On the one hand, the cost and quality of supply will change with the increase of scale. On the other hand, the demand side is increasingly eager for labor with low cost, stability, scale, accuracy and other characteristics. Under this premise, in the category of hundreds of thousands or millions of users, companies with good business attributes and strong entrepreneurial teams will be of great value. Of course, this process will not be fast. It requires patience and entrepreneurs with excellent physical, mental and mental strength

pioneers explore a new model of rent for sale

an interesting phenomenon is that at present, it is not the old guns in the industry but the relatively young teams that have received the support of the head first-line fund and CVC. These young pioneers have begun to explore new business models

for example, jizhijia, founded in Beijing in 2015, took the lead in putting forward the business model of robot-as-a-service (RAAS), including robot leasing, full warehouse agent operation and intelligent warehouse service with integrated warehouse and distribution. At present, robot leasing has become one of the business segments with the largest growth rate in RAAS services, and has broad application scenarios in e-commerce, clothing, beauty, mother and baby industries

according to statistics, most jizhijia RAAS customers will temporarily expand their smart warehouses by renting robots during the double 11 to successfully cope with the business peaks of the double 11

yangjunzhe, vice president of jizhijia intelligent warehousing, said: in addition to reducing the initial investment, the leasing mode can also allow enterprises to flexibly expand the number of robots according to their needs, and professional forums can be deployed on demand, with a higher degree of flexibility. This also allows enterprises to calmly deal with business fluctuations. During the "double 11" and "June 18" promotions, the robot warehouse was expanded flexibly and the deployment of logistics robots was increased, so as to ensure the operation efficiency of the warehouse and deal with the peak orders. Robots can also be used in multiple warehouses according to the business volume, which is not available in the traditional picking mode

the flexible advantages of such a leasing mode enable more enterprises to come into contact with logistics robots and gradually understand their advantages. Their attitude towards logistics robots has changed from dispensable to indispensable

in the field of service robots, take Qinglang intelligent, which completed financing not long ago, as an example. In 2019, the shipment of Qinglang intelligent exceeded 3000, of which the lease proportion gradually increased. The rent of a catering robot is 3000 yuan per month, and the lease contract is 1-2 years

Li Tong, founder and CEO of Qinglang intelligence, said: the industry will eventually move towards leasing, and sales is only a short-term and temporary behavior. The reason is that in terms of C-end customers' demand for automation equipment, in addition to the product itself, they need reliable technical service support and efficient operation management. At present, the renewal of leased products is in good condition, and it is believed that the renewal rate will continue to increase in the future

from making products to making overall solutions for the industry

while a number of start-ups explored renting for sale, stander robot, established in Shenzhen, chose another mode, that is, from making products to making overall solutions for the industry

since 2014, steed robot has specialized in the core technology of mobile robots, focusing on two products, oa-sis300 and oasis600. Stead robot takes the lead in applying products and solutions to the factory logistics scenario according to the flexible requirements of the automotive and 3C industries. Stander robot believes that if one product is done well and thoroughly, other products will run. In order to meet the needs of material handling and docking in the factory, different structures can be built on the stand oasis products, such as rollers, mechanical arms, lifting devices, etc. what stand robot does is a mobile robot plus professional customized modules to meet the non-standard needs of customers who are constantly overcoming or carrying out various improvements and multiple scenarios of the above shortcomings

based on the independent research and development of the core scheduling system and operating system, steed robot has realized technological innovation and promoted business growth. Since the beginning of the venture, what stead robot has done is industrial products. The product requirements are more stringent, and it needs to reach the industrial level. From the bottom algorithm of the operating system, it has reached the technical level of industrial verification through the landing application of several scenarios and nearly 100 projects. Therefore, it can provide customers with stable and reliable products and solutions, and continuously improve the accuracy and efficiency

facing the complex needs of industry customers, steed robot provides customers with a complete set of flexible logistics solutions from four aspects: standard chassis, standard interfaces, tools and services. Through the logistics solution, stander has linked the factory production warehouse, production line and finished product warehouse. Based on the maturity of AGV products, stander robot will launch forklift products in the future to meet more customer needs

the future is unique.

judging from the current market situation, Chinese robot companies still have some special opportunities

Wu Jian, partner of source code capital, believes that China's robot field is enjoying the opportunity of favorable timing, location and people

days, that is, national support and policy dividends. 2. The uncertainty of international environment and external pressure on lithium salt production will bring some inhibition in the short term, but it is also a development stimulus to some extent

this procedure is applicable to the verification of tension and pressure testing machines and universal material testing machines (hereinafter referred to as testing machines) with a test force of 2.5kn to 10MN newly manufactured, in use and after repair (the verification of testing machines with a test force of more than 10MN can be performed by reference). China is the largest manufacturing center in the world, with a large scale and rich production, manufacturing and consumption scenarios. This is the soil of automation, and it is also an opportunity for robot companies to verify and standardize technology in a large-scale place, and then have the opportunity to promote it to the world

the second is talent advantage. Firstly, this is reflected in the total number of talents related to information technology and Information Engineering: according to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, in 2019, the number of employees in China's software and information technology service industry reached 6.73 million, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. Niguangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at this year's world intelligence conference that China's R & D investment and patents rank second in the world. The team of engineers will continue to grow, and the bonus of engineers will replace the demographic bonus

finally, the sci-tech innovation board, which has been running for more than a year, has brought positive capital benefits to the robot industry

up to now, there have been 201 companies issuing the sci-tech innovation board, including 9 industrial robots and their related enterprises, including Hanchuan intelligence, Bozhong Seiko, Tianzhun technology, etc. involved in automation system integration, as well as inhand technologies, Lexin technology, an enterprise integrating IOT chips, Anhan technology, an enterprise producing medical robots, and intelligent transportation and service robot No. 9 intelligence, which involves the edge computing of industrial robots, In the field of consumer robots, stone technology, a sweeping robot company, has a market value of more than 50billion yuan

for China's robot entrepreneurs, they are stepping on the right time and place to face a future with huge imagination space. It is unknown who will be the first to cross the eve of dawn. In the face of this systematic opportunity, all people can do is to try their best to run forward and enter the future of the whole industry

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