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New trends in the development of the world packaging industry

the world economy is developing rapidly, and packaging and its theory are also developing. In the whole process of development, the three functions of packaging have become more and more obvious, that is, the centrality of packaging in economic development, the importance of packaging to environmental protection, and the technological innovation of packaging to improve human living conditions

the packaging industry is moving towards a new pattern, and enterprises are moving towards large-scale.

in recent years, the trend of world economic globalization has become increasingly obvious. In 1998, the amount of mergers and acquisitions reached US $240billion, an increase of US $100billion over 1997. The direct results of M & A are: first, the scale of enterprises has been expanded and enterprises have played a greater role; Second, the company has realized layoffs and reduced the number of employees

China's packaging enterprises have also shifted their eyes from local and local cities to other places, cities, the whole country and even abroad. Some coastal packaging enterprises have begun to implement the plan of developing the west, and some packaging enterprises are rising rapidly, gradually forming larger groups and scales. Some have been distributed throughout the country

the demand for education and talents, such as hydraulic oil for automobiles and cranes, is becoming increasingly fierce.

the development of increasingly complex packaging technology, the development of global market and the strong competition in the packaging industry are promoting the development of packaging education and calling for the development of packaging human resources

in the United States, more than 10 universities have launched an education program to award bachelor's degrees. Michigan State University is the first university in the world to offer packaging courses and award a bachelor's degree. It has been 50 years since its innovation in this field. At present, it has launched an educational program to award the doctoral degree in packaging. In China, packaging education at all levels is booming. Now more than 20 universities have set up packaging majors and can award bachelor's degrees. It has not only trained a large number of packaging talents for China, but also attracted students from surrounding countries. It can be said that no matter in China or other countries, the demand for packaging professionals is very large

it is wise to ask for professional packaging

when a foreign enterprise produces a certain product, when its output cannot reach the investment of making full and reasonable use of existing equipment and related facilities, more consideration should be given to the complexity of packaging, various packaging processes, and the basic mechanical property test method standard GBJ 129 ⑼ 0 for transport packaging and secondary packaging, Smart operators often entrust the packaging of their products to specialized packaging enterprises. This common practice abroad should attract the attention of domestic enterprises

need packaging materials with high quality and low price

this is another very important issue in the future development direction of packaging. What we need is packaging materials with better quality and lower price. Plastics have provided us with solutions to meet the use requirements in many aspects. Perhaps plastic beer bottles will be the next packaging product that will bring great changes. At present, we are looking for various substitutes for the treatment of "white pollution", from plant straw to pulp molding and degradable plastics. Everything is under exploration and experiment

packaging equipment is still in a monopoly.

from the perspective of the world, the "big four" of packaging equipment - Germany, the United States, Italy and Japan continue to monopolize the market. In the future, the equipment and assembly line will change from mechanical control to electronic control. China's domestic high-end, sophisticated and large-scale production lines have been mainly introduced. In recent years, the manufacturing level of packaging equipment has been greatly improved. It still needs to make great efforts to export a large number of products

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