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Smart door locks have entered a new era of retail, and German dog has taken the lead in opening experiential marketing.

new retail is the hottest topic at present and is popular in the market. And smart door lock is another hot spot. How to make the two perfect integration and complement each other? After in-depth exploration and mining, German dog has touched the pulse of the new retail of smart door locks

experiential space in the store

smart door lock is a single product with strong experience attributes. Although it is convenient to read the evaluation and purchase online, it is impossible to experience and try the product, and the product you get may not be satisfactory

German dog believes that these consumers will eventually return to offline physical stores, and online shopping will eventually be combined with the new retail concept to create a new retail experience to serve these consumers

every display in the German dog experience store is very user-friendly. It is no longer a traditional neatly coded commodity display form, but an organic combination of lighting, display placement, color matching, pop, decoration, etc. to create a shopping atmosphere and provide consumers with a better shopping experience

German dog hired professional space designers to plan the space of each German dog experience store separately, reasonably arrange the differentiation of different product spaces, and let customers get a good sense of experience, which is a great test of the space layout and display ability of space designers

a well-designed experience store can use direct visual images to attract consumers' interest in entering the store and stimulate consumption. Let shopping become an experience, a new life experience

strong sense of on-site experience of goods

as we all know, how cautious consumers are now, especially intelligent security products, which involve the safety of the whole family, it is difficult for consumers to pay for it if they do not experience it personally

German dog series intelligent security products use exhibition shelves to display products. In addition to being more aesthetic, they also allow customers to experience and operate on site, and have a more intuitive understanding of product functions and materials

the participation of smart door locks, children's phone watches, smart cameras, smart robots and other products in the German dog experience store is very high. Customers can fully participate, with high playability and strong sense of experience

as for ordering, consumers have multiple choices, such as online German dog security app, German dog direct shopping mall, offline experience store, etc., which are convenient and easy to ensure that they can buy the choice they want and enjoy high-end life

in the new retail model of German dog, there are two other trumps. One is the c2m consumer direct factory model. In popular terms, there is no middleman to earn the price difference, so it can achieve ultra-high cost performance

the other is the high-quality and considerate service provided by German dog. Every experience store has received professional training in German dog business school, and its product knowledge and service awareness have reached a professional level. This also reflects the ingenuity of German dog, which is highly praised by customers

it is worth mentioning that there are experts behind this series of innovative actions of German dog! He is ye Maozhong, a master of Chinese marketing planning. He has focused on local marketing for more than 20 years and has been rated as a man of the moment who has influenced the marketing process in China

what kind of changes will German dog and ye Maozhong bring to the retail industry? Let's wait and see





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