Fashionable and elegant high-grade black whole hou

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The modern simple space of advanced black, the condensation of black, the purity of white and the harmony of gray hide deeper desires under the interaction of the three, making the space like a cold and hot poem

the living room uses gray and black blocks to set the main color, and the rose gold waist line and partition board are interspersed among them, which has become the most eye-catching pen

the TV background wall adopts the random stacking method of building blocks, and is designed into a unique leisure chair

the kitchen is connected with the dining room, and the whole is simplified into two colors, white cooking area and ceiling, black cabinet and floor, You can feel the design level of the space

the connection between the dining table and the bar, and the design of the staggered height creates a different visual effect

the soft linear chandelier is above the dining table, stretched, and the solid wood seat on the side is the design to divide the porch and the restaurant, and can also be used as a shoe stool

the side of the living room is an open study, and a desk is designed behind the black marble, with black and rose gold colors intertwined, On the other side of the study, there are high and low shelves and long and short shelves on the beige wall, creating a beautiful and layered interesting design. There is also a hanging bar near the window, which is very convenient to hang clothes.

through opening windows in a large area, the balcony beauty is seamlessly connected, creating a distinctive home appearance

the bedroom has a large space, and the leisure area and cloakroom are integrated together, Choose pure materials such as wood grain, metal, stone, etc., and stack them in a crisscross manner to create a simple and easy-going space with rich storage.

beside the big window in the bedroom, there is a single sofa seat, where the owner can read books, listen to music, or enjoy the outdoor scenery.

in the other bedroom, stone texture is selected, extending from the entrance to the head of the bed, and the warm wooden floor is matched to keep the space simple




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