Baidesheng wardrobe of Shanghai Construction Expo

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In order to better help franchisees seize the opportunity of wealth, at this Shanghai exhibition, yum! Launched many preferential policies for franchising, and a large number of interested customers asked about Yum! S products in detail, so as to seize the opportunity of wealth and share the wealth feast

on June 3, 2015, the 20th Shanghai Construction Expo continued to be wonderful

on the second day of the launch, yum! Has different materials. The editor will show you one by one:

an ingenious booth design,

an extremely environmentally friendly "aldehyde free addition" product,

an industry-leading blister film production equipment and process technology,

a series of favorable investment policies to achieve the dream of wealth,

a professional and dedicated Yum! Team

the Parkson wardrobe, in the venue of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, once again bloomed brilliantly

only with material and strength can there be hope and a better future

join Yum! Brands, earn money from Ping An, and build a safe home

all this shows the charm and style of Yum! Brands' formaldehyde free added environmental protection products as the leader in the industry

the booth is expected to be grand.

Yum! Has the material and strength to occupy the main channel exhibition position with the advantage of customized home furnishing hall. What's more, the 300 square meter Ping An huge advertisement is concise and grand. It has received widespread attention from professionals, relevant media and exhibitors. An endless stream of people came to visit, consult, interview and negotiate progress, and the number of interested franchisees has been rising

the product design is expected to be more stylish

Yum! Brought the latest exquisite and elegant new products of the whole room storage series to the exhibition this time, and the new products of the new color contrast series made their debut at the Shanghai Construction Expo. The exhibition hall includes bedroom, cloakroom, living room, dining room, multi-function room, flat life scene experience area, sliding door area and other parts. The new products of color contrast series have attracted the attention and popularity of many interested customers

color contrast series - bedroom customization

color contrast series - Home cabinet storage customization

color contrast series - study customization

color contrast series - cloakroom customization

color contrast series - living room customization

color contrast series customization

color contrast series customization

in order to better help franchisees seize the wealth opportunity, Baidesheng launched a number of preferential policies for franchisees in this Shanghai Exhibition, After a large number of interested customers asked about the details of Yum Brands' products, enterprise strength, assistance policies, marketing mode, opening support and alliance, they reached a signed cooperation on the spot, seized wealth opportunities and shared wealth feast

seize the opportunity

seize the business opportunity

detailed answers

for more information, please come and witness

on the second day of the Shanghai Construction Expo, with the extraordinary charm of formaldehyde free added customized furniture brought by the full house customized new products of the contrast series, Yum Brands shines at the Shanghai Construction Expo, and the brilliance continues

for more information, from tomorrow to June 5, please visit the customized Home Pavilion 2.1f106 Bestwin booth in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center





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