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Desk is a necessary furniture for every family. There are many shapes, sizes and brands of desks on the market. The sizes of desks used in each age group will be different. The following editor will introduce the sizes of desks and desks, as well as the daily maintenance methods of desks. Let's have a look

size of desk writing desk

desk writing desk can be divided into double and single. Generally, the size of the table top of single desk is 600mm*1100mm, and the height is about 710mm-750mm. The height from the table top to the drawer cannot exceed 125mm, otherwise you will hit your feet when you get up; The table size of the double desk is generally 500mm*1200mm, 600mm*1500mm, etc., and the height is about 710mm-750mm. Now many desks on the market are designed scientifically, and the height of the desk can be adjusted according to the user's demand

daily maintenance method of desk

1. If the desk is made of solid wood, it should be maintained well in daily life. The corrosion resistance of solid wood desk is relatively poor. Try not to let the desk contact corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc; If there is dust on the table, wipe it with a soft cloth along the texture of the wood. Pay attention to the wiping force, and don't use too much force

2. Keep good humidity in the place where the desk is placed. At the same time, pay attention to the place where the desk is placed. Try to avoid being in direct sunlight, otherwise the solid wood desk is easy to crack

3. If there are stains on the desk, pay attention not to use alcohol or other chemical solvents to remove the stains. You can use warm tea water to gently remove the stains, and then wipe them with a rag. After they are completely dry, apply a little light wax to form a protective film on the surface of the desk, making its service life longer

4. The surface of the desk is coated with a layer of paint film. If this layer of paint film is damaged, the aesthetics of the desk will be affected, and the internal structure will also be affected. In daily life, we should take good care of the paint film of the desk to avoid it being damaged

5. If there is water stain on the surface of the desk, do not wipe it hard with a rag. First suck it dry with a paper towel, and then let it dry naturally, so that the surface of the desk will not be damaged

editor's summary: the above is about the size of the desk and the daily maintenance method of the desk. According to the above content, everyone also knows the size of the desk and the daily maintenance method. If you want the service life of the desk to become longer, then you should pay attention to the daily maintenance, hoping to help you




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